Solving brand security challenges with technology

We are solving brand security challenges with technology

Brand protection focused on the acquisition of intellectual property rights has become no longer sufficient in dealing with the rapidly changing risks of brand damage.

Brand security is required in order to keep brands “safe” and “sound” by combining traditional methods with new measures against the ever-diversifying threats.

We are a group of engineers who solve brand security issues with technology.

About brand security

In order to protect, manage, and maintain trademarks and domain names, which are the elements that form brands, we will propose the best solution catered to your specific situation.

understanding and analysis of the current situation

Understanding and analysis of the current situation

We conduct risk analysis and investigate possible obstacles for trademarks and domain names that are already owned or are under consideration for acquisition.

strategy planning

Strategy planning

Based on the results of our research and analysis, we formulate trademark/domain name management policies and anti-infringement policies, and provide action plans in line with those policies.

acquisition of rights and countermeasures against infringement

Acquisition of rights and countermeasures against infringement

We support new application registration and reclaim procedures for trademark infringement and unauthorized use of domain names. In addition, we support or act on behalf of brand infringement countermeasures such as measures against counterfeit products and recurrence prevention measures.



We collectively manage the data of owned trademarks and domain names using our in-house developed cloud-based intellectual property management tool [BRANTECT]. In addition to ensuring readability and allowing you to grasp the current situation at will, we will manage update deadlines and monitor infringements.


our company's entrance

As a member of the GMO Internet Group, Japan's leading Internet group, we are developing a system that supports brand security together with GMO BRAND SECURITY Inc. in Japan.

100% investment from Japan
14 May 2014
Company President
Si Shen
Company Manager
Pham Chuan Duy
Vice Manager
Vo Tuong Duy
801, 8th Floor, Ha Do Airport Building, 2 Hong Ha, Ward 2, Tan Binh, Ho Chi Minh City
0915 620 975


Pham Chuan Duy

Pham Chuan Duy

Company Manager

Providing No.1 service, using technology to support researching and realizing brand security is our mission. By bringing together great engineers, we are fulfilling this mission.
Each engineer is our gem. We can not do that mission alone, we need to do it together. Therefore, respect and listening are the most prominent features in our working environment.
Also, the development of the company must be associated with the values that grow our society. It is the guideline for all our activities. I believe that it will give us a better life and better society.

Vo Tuong Duy

Vo Tuong Duy

Vice Manager

I am proud to be a member of our company.
I call this place "home", where we can share not only working knowledge, but also life stories.
We grow with the growth of the company. It's my pleasure to work with these amazing engineers and creators

Si Shen

Si Shen

Company President

Xin chào!
We are a team of engineers that support brand security worldwide through the power of IT. Our job is to provide brand security to our customers through services we make with our partners across the globe. We are a merit-based company that does not tolerate any prejudice against race, nationality, gender, education, language, religion, etc.
Your skills and expertise can be used to protect someone’s rights.
If you are interested in brands, let’s contribute to the world’s brand security as partners!

Toshinari Yamashita

Toshinari Yamashita

Company President, Director CTO of GMO BRAND SECURITY Inc. (Japan)

Japan Registered Information Specialist

Our customers are companies with well-known global brands.
We are a group of engineers who support our clients from the technical side.
It is great to be able to grow together as engineers and managers in Vietnam, which is growing day by day.

Nguyen Thanh Nhu

Nguyen Thanh Nhu

Lead Engineer

Q. What is the appeal of this company?

A. I have worked at the company for more than 3 years. If someone asks me, “What is the appeal of your company?” then surely the first 3 points I will tell them is,
1. no overtime,
2. everyone is sociable and friendly,
3. and the leaders always listen to the members' opinions.
It is very difficult to find a company with such appeal points and it is these points that keep me going with the company.

Lac Thi Hong Phuong

Lac Thi Hong Phuong

HR and Back Office Assistant

Q. You recently joined the company, what makes this company different from other companies?

A. I have only joined the company for a short time, but I can clearly see that this company is very different from other companies I have worked for.
The first is professionalism, organized in an organized manner.
The second thing is to make me feel appreciated and always heard by the company.
These two things above I have not experienced in other companies before and that is also the reason why I chose to stay and become a part of the company.

Duong Tuan Kiet

Duong Tuan Kiet


Q. How would you like to grow as an engineer in the future?

A. In the near future, I want to become an engineer who can quickly grasp and solve problems, having the ability to deal with most of the system's unexpected situations, a technical engineer with strong skills.
In the distant future, I want to become a manager who is skilled in both engineering and human resource management so that I can take on more challenging tasks. In order to achieve those things, I am still trying to learn and learn every day.

Nguyen Thi Hai Trang

Nguyen Thi Hai Trang

Bridge Engineer

Q. You are working while raising children. What kind of support does your company provide?

A. Since having a baby, my life has changed a lot, busier than before. I used to worry about how to balance work and life.
Understanding the difficulty of a mother who has a baby like me, the company has supported me in many different ways such as working remotely and allowing me to set up suitable working times for my family's conditions.
They are a great help for mothers with small children like me. I'm really grateful for that.

寺門 海

寺門 海

Engineer at GMO BRAND SECURITY Inc. (Japan)

Q. How do you feel about collaborating with Vietnamese engineers? Any troubles or fun things?

I thoroughly enjoy being able to work with the Vietnamese team.
The flat organizational structure helps to promote collaboration among the members, fostering a sense of camaraderie that not many other companies have. As a result, everyone is friendly with each other and are more like a big family rather than colleagues.
Anyone lucky enough to have the chance to become a part of Brand Security Vietnam should definitely take it, as it will be an opportunity of a lifetime.

Pham Chuan Duy
Vo Tuong Duy
Si Shen
Toshinari Yamashita
Nguyen Thanh Nhu
Lac Thi Hong Phuong
Duong Tuan Kiet
Nguyen Thi Hai Trang
寺門 海


Policy for employees

We want our engineers to

Take pride in being engineers,

With us for a long time,

Earn a steady income,

Form a family-like group.

Acquisition of qualification

In order to obtain qualifications as an engineer, we hold in-house study sessions and encourage study during working hours.

Remote work

COVID has changed the way we work.
Most of our work is done on Slack and Zoom. Ready for remote work.

Cutting edge technology

Being exposed to new technology is an engineer's joy.
We adopt new technologies, development methods, and team structures whenever possible.

Recruitment process

We are always open to new colleagues. Please feel free to email us for a casual interview.

Steps up to employment


Document review

Please send in your resume. Check from the following points of view.

  • Are you well educated as an engineer?
  • Or do you have other higher education?
  • Although not required, language skills such as English and Japanese
  • Work experience so far
  • Technology that can be handled
  • Number of job changes


Interview with engineer

Meet with our engineer. Check the following points:

  • We value team communication
  • Does your personality fit our team?
  • Are there any mistakes in the contents of the resume?
  • Technical question
  • Language question

During the interview, we will also accept questions from applicants.
Matching each other is important.
The interview will be conducted in Vietnamese.


Interview with management

Interviews with Japanese and Vietnamese managers.
The interview will be conducted in either English, Vietnamese or Japanese.


Contractual agreement

After passing all steps, agreement and contract on salary and treatment.

We check over 100 job resumes for one hiring.
It's open, but it's for the quality of the team.
Would you like to work with a carefully selected partner?

Agree to the privacy policy or Information regarding personal data protection in the EU (or EEA) and applyapplying for a job


How are salaries determined?

First of all, it is determined by the applicant's wishes, qualifications, and various allowances. After that, we will implement a regular annual rank increase and a bare salary increase according to the inflation rate.

What kind of technology do you use?

We use PHP, Golang, vue.js, and Google Cloud Platform.
We also actively adopt microservices and domain-driven design.

How can I get promoted?

We have a flat organizational structure, so the concept of managers and leaders is thin.
Engineers work voluntarily and emergently form teams. It's a very special environment, but it remains highly productive.